Lin-Zhuo Chen (陈林卓) is an algorithm engineer in bytedance. Previously, he was a master student at Nankai University, supervised by Prof. Ming-Ming Cheng. His research interests include Computer Vision and Robotics.

Please refer to my CV for more details.


Email: linzhuochen@foxmail.com


* denotes joint first authors.
Spatial Information Guided Convolution for Real-Time RGBD Semantic Segmentation
Lin-Zhuo Chen, Zheng Lin, Ziqin Wang, Yong-Liang Yang, and Ming-Ming Cheng
IEEE TIP, 2021. (SCI-1, CCF-A)
Interactive Image Segmentation with First Click Attention
Zheng Lin, Zhao Zhang, Lin-Zhuo Chen, Ming-Ming Cheng and Shao-Ping Lu
IEEE CVPR, 2020. (CCF-A)
LSANet: Feature Learning on Point Sets by Local Spatial Aware Layer
Lin-Zhuo Chen*, Xuan-Yi Li*, Deng-Ping Fan, Kai Wang, Shao-Ping Lu and Ming-Ming Cheng
Arxiv, 2019
Jinyao Zhu* and Lin-Zhuo Chen*
Meng Yang*, Lin-Zhuo Chen* and Xian-Lin Zeng*


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